Staff search on Web 2.0: Still plenty of air up

Social media in the personnel search continues to gain in importance. Without strategy and professional use, however, the strike rate falls short of expectations.

A recent study by Pavelka-Denk Human Resources Advice shows that while the search for personnel via social media is on the rise, the attitude to the topic has very different qualities: “Some think they have nothing to do with it, others believe it is understood. Have. But few are sure it actually benefits, “the study said. Apparently, even those who put activities into social media cannot exactly distinguish whether this is active personnel search or rather employer branding. At the same time, it is everything-targeted strategies seem to be thinking to many only in the aftermath.

The top three platforms

167 those responsible for recruiting took part in the study “Web 2.0 fields of application in personnel search, especially in Austria.” 70 percent of respondents put social media/Web 2.0 activities into personnel search. The most popular recruiting network in Austria is Xing (97.3 percent), closely followed by LinkedIn (63.9 percent) and Facebook (29, 9 percent). Structured, however, the search is rarely structured, the study continued. However, 73.6 per cent said social media was becoming more important for direct searches. The opportunities to engage with potential candidates through appropriate communities or forums, while recognized, are little used in a structured way, it continues.

Save costs and time

For the personnel seekers, it is above all easy access to potential candidates and the time saved in the search that the main motivators can go on social media platforms. Asked about the corresponding goal achievement, the strike rate was around 50 percent. However, social media recruiting will become more important in the future-69 percent of the respondents were one of them. At the same time, however, one does not want to increase the budget or even cut it-73 percent said so.

Professional use

While this contradictory attitude leaves unanswered the response to a possible strengthening of social media recruiting, it is clear that this can only be achieved through a professional and structured use of Web 2.0 possibilities.

“Being there is everything”-a foul-mouthed word to think about, perhaps worth it. From the point of view of human resources consultant Hermann Pavelka-Denk, social media recruiting tends to be underestimated: “The supposedly easy access to potential candidates and their profiles leads to the fallacy that it is therefore easier to approach candidates. And whose interest can gain for one’s own company. On the other hand, we find that companies are now increasingly learning that the process of reaching and inspiring a candidate for a particular position is more complex and time consuming than expected. ”

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